hearing loss 

Imperium Law are specialists in hearing loss compensation claims...

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hearing loss 

Imperium Law are specialists in hearing loss compensation claims...

industrial disease 

Let our specialist solicitors help you get compensation... 

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industrial disease 

Let our specialist solicitors help you get compensation... 

medical negligence 

if you have suffered due to medical negligence, let our specialist solicitors help you get compensation and justice...

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	medical negligence 

	if you have suffered due to medical negligence, let our specialist solicitors help you get compensation and justice...

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Imperium Law, specialists in compensation.

We are experts in financial compensation claims for hearing loss, industrial disease, medical negligence, professional negligence, injuries at work and protective award.

If you think you have a valid claim for compensation then you need lawyers with the wisdom, experience and dedication to fight your corner and get you the outcome you deserve.

Our dedicated team of solicitors work with cases that often require both legal and technical expertise. No matter how complex your situation we can help you.  

We will support and guide you through the whole claim process, simply and painlessly. 

Important note:
We are NOT a claims management company.

Imperium Law are an established firm of real solicitors.

You can speak to a real solicitor today.

No Win – No Fee.

We are 'no win - no fee solicitors' – which means if we don't win, it costs you nothing.

Our skilled team of lawyers have years of experience  AND have had thousands of successful case wins. For more help and advice please contact us directly. 

Dedicated compensation solicitors.

Our personal injury lawyers specialise in compensation related to occupational hearing loss, industrial disease and accidents at work.

Our negligence lawyers cover medical negligence (such as suing the NHS) and professional negligence (such as suing accountants, financial advisors, etc.).

Start the process by having a FREE no obligation chat,  after that you decide if we can help.

Personal injury law.

We  excel in the following types of legal injury work;

Work related hearing loss.

If you believe your job has caused you to experience hearing damage then we can help. Whether you have temporary hearing loss due to accoustic trauma, tinnitus or much more serious work related deafness we can help.

Our compensation team is headed up by one of the best hearing loss lawyers in the UK so you can be confident we are the best choice to help you.

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Injuries while at work.

Accidents in the workplace can be serious, but they can also leave employees in an awkward position.

We can help you negotiate with your employer and help you if you have concerns about what might happen with your job after getting your payout.  

We are extremely tactful and also highly experienced in employment law so you need not worry about your future prospects.

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Serious industrial conditions or diseases.

Afflictions such as vibration white finger (VWF) or diseases like asbestosis and occupational asthma can be caused by your work conditions. 

We have successfully handled many cases and obtained premium payouts for numerous industrial diseases and medical conditions. 

more on industrial disease.

Medical and professional negligence.

We offer services in two main areas of negligence law, as follows;

Medical negligence law.

Our medical negligence lawyers at Imperium Law have a wealth of experience acting on behalf of both private and NHS patients who have suffered as a result of negligent medical treatment.

No matter what your complaint, if you feel you might be entitled to compensation then we can help.
We will help gather the facts, establish if you have a case and help you win your claim.

more about medical negligence.

Professional negligence law.

Have you suffered a loss as a result of poor advice from an accountant, financial advisor, lawyer, architect, surveyor or any other professional? If so, we can assess your legal position and help you to get compensated for your losses and any inconvenience caused.

Professional negligence is often very complex so make sure you use an expert from Imperium Law to ensure you win your case.

more about professional negligence claims.

Protective Award.

Protective Award claims are a niche area of employment law in which Imperium Law specialise. We have extensive knowledge of these types of claims, and have recovered large sums of compensation for groups of unfortunate employees who were made redundant without a strict process being followed.

more on protective award.

About Imperium Law.

Our team has helped thousands of people to seek and win damages for pain, suffering and financial loss that has occurred due to another person’s negligence.

Imperium Law is the trading name of Imperium Law Solicitors. Imperium's lead solicitors Philip Jackson and Janine Gurr have over 30 years’ experience between them winning personal injury claims and employment claims. 

Our Office is based in Macclesfield. However, we represent clients all over the UK, because no matter where they live, our clients recognise that we have unrivalled skills in personal injury law.

Our philosophy is to ensure that all of our clients get the best legal advice and the best support. We put in maximum effort on every case so that our clients’ get the outcome they deserve.

successful claims...

“£7,000 work injury payout for bar man injured in a fall."

Imperium Law's compensation team win a five figure fall from height settlement.

“£7,000 public liability compensation  for pedestrian injured slipping on an icy pavement."

Imperium win partially sighted pedestrian's compensation claim.

“£4,000 paid out in personal injury compensation after a night out"

Imperium Law's injury team win a compensation payout for a young woman injured in a bar.

“£14,000 in personal injury compensation paid to an elderly lady after a fall."

Imperium Law win compensation for a lady injured climbing into a taxi.

“£40,000 in workers compensation for warehouse operative's broken foot"

Thanks to Imperium Law Leicestershire worker receives a five figure compensation payout.

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