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Mesothelioma compensation paid to a former ship worker.

An undisclosed compensation payout has been awarded to an elderly mesothelioma sufferer.

Mr S, an 85 year old former ship worker, contracted an asbestos related disease after working in the Cammell Lairds Shipyard from 1949-1950. While his exposure to hazardous materials happened over 60 years ago it has still been possible for him to  claim compensation.

Claim case example.

Mr S worked as an apprentice sheet metal worker on the construction of the HMS Ark Royal when he was exposed to asbestos. His exposure was caused by working around laggers and asbestos sprayers who were applying the substance to boilers, pipework and around bulkheads for fireproofing.  

Prior to developing mesothelioma Mr S was fit and led an independent and active lifestyle.  A compensation claim was made for his pain and suffering, and in addition an amount was also claimed to pay for any equipment he might need to help him remain as independent as possible. This included almost £6,000 for the Marie Curie Hospice which has provided him with ongoing care and support.

Claim time limits.

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Many industrial diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis develop slowly over a long period of time, and only become apparent many years after exposure.

While there is a strict thee year time limit to making a personal injury claim, it is important to be aware that the three years actually begins from when you first become aware that you are ill.

Decades may have passed since exposure, as was the case for Mr S, however a claim can still be made against a previous employer’s insurers.

In cases where many years have passed and the firm where you were exposed to a hazard has ceased trading, a claim can still be made by locating the company’s insurers.

At Imperium Law we have a specialist team to investigate the circumstances of your case and search for the evidence needed to win you a payout.

Making a claim

If you have been diagnosed with a work related illness you may be entitled to make a claim against your employer if they failed to protect you from harm at work.

At Imperium Law our industrial disease specialist are here to support you throughout the claims process, and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome.

We understand the importance of achieving the maximum payout possible, and always aim to settle claims as quickly as possible.

We can represent you on a ‘No Win-No Fee’ basis which means making a claim is risk free.

To find out if you can claim call us on 0800 633 5730 for no-obligation legal advice.

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