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Injured patient receives a six figure medical negligence payout.

Hospital settles negligent gallbladder surgery claim.

If you have undergone a surgical procedure, and have suffered harm because of substandard treatment seek claims advice.

If your injury was directly related to the treatment you received, you could be due a compensation payout.

To find out if you could be entitled to claim, call a medical injury solicitor at Imperium Law on 0800 633 5730.

Claim case example:

Ms. X was diagnosed as suffering from gallstones, and was referred for keyhole surgery and an x-ray of her bile ducts. After surgery Ms. X was discharged home, but within a few days began to experience abdominal pain.

Over the next three years she underwent various examinations, until finally it was discovered she had a problem relating to her bile duct and was referred for a scan. Results revealed that her problems had been caused by her gall bladder surgery three years earlier.

A further procedure was recommended and she underwent reconstruction of the right ducts from her liver. Ms. X suffered pain following the procedure and had an allergic reaction to medication.

A further two years on she was still experiencing abdominal pain, required help to carry out household jobs and had to reduce her working hours.

Compensation settlement.

Having suffered so much because of the treatment she received, Ms. X decided to made a claim against the surgeon who performed the original surgery and the hospital where the procedure was carried out.

After initially denying liability, an offer was finally made and the claim recently settled. An undisclosed six figure sum was agreed for her pain, suffering, loss of earnings and emotional distress.

Making a medical negligence claim.

If you have been harmed during a surgical procedure you can find out about claiming compensation by speaking to a solicitor at Imperium Law on 0800 633 5730.

We offer no-obligation advice and can represent you on a 'No win-No Fee' basis.

To discuss making a claim call on 0800 633 5730, or alternatively fill in our call back form.

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