Birth injury claims
Birth injury claims

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NHS & private hospital birth injury payouts.

If due to clinical negligence either you or your baby were injured during labour or birth, a claim can be made against the healthcare provider responsible.

Birth injuries can be devastating and can cause disability and life-long difficulties. Poor obstetric treatment or the failure to diagnosis a baby with birth defects can be grounds for a medical negligence claim.

At Imperium Law we understand the complex legal issues involved in making a birth injury claim. We are sensitive to your needs and can ensure you receive the best care and support.

Whether the birth injury happened in a private or NHS hospital you are entitled to make a claim.

Imperium birth claims solicitors can review your case to advise:

  • if you are entitled to compensation.
  • what the time limits are.
  • a likely outcome of your claim.
  • how large a payout you could receive.

Birth injuries caused to mothers include:

Whilst a financial settlement cannot make up for an injury to a child, it can offer financial assistance to pay for any specialist care needed in the future.

  • wrongly performed episiotomies.
  • errors in managing pre-eclampsia.
  • perineal tears.
  • injuries to organs from caesarean sections.
  • retained swabs.
  • anaesthetic errors.

Birth injuries caused to babies include:

  • cuts and scars.
  • brain injury.
  • cerebral palsy.
  • bone fractures.
  • hip dysplasia.

Cerebral palsy claims.

It is important to be aware that not all cases of cerebral palsy are caused by negligent medical treatment, those that do include:

  • Delays in performing an emergency caesarean section.
  • Errors in managing caesarean sections.
  • Delays in performing delivery using forceps or ventouse.
  • Errors using forceps or ventouse
  • Failure to monitor a baby’s heartbeat.

At Imperium Law we have clinical negligence experts who can take you through the entire claims process.

Interim compensation payments.

Our solicitors investigate your claim to provide evidence to prove your case so that you or your child receives the best care possible.

Claims can take time to settle, and so where possible we try to obtain an interim payment. This is an early part-payment of compensation to ensure seriously injured children receive the care they need.

If you believe your labour or delivery was handle in a negligent manner seek legal advice.

By making a claim you could not only receive the compensation you and your child deserve, you can also highlight medical failures which can be prevented in the future.

Birth injury payouts amounts.

We are 'No Win-No Fee' solicitors which means enlisting our services is entirely risk free. 

Recently a claim was settled for a 20 year old woman who was left brain damaged after being starved of oxygen at birth.

The young woman was delivered after a 10 hour labour, during which her oxygen levels dropped to dangerous lows.

As an adult she received MRI scans, which a medical expert was able to use to show her brain damage was directly linked to suffering a lack of oxygen at birth. She was awarded a £5 million payout.

In a similar case a 23 year old man was awarded £450,000 in compensation, after it was proved the loss of use in his arm was caused by the incorrect use of forceps during his birth.

Each claim is individual and so compensation payouts can differ depending on the circumstances.

To find out what your claim could be worth speak to one of our solicitors.

For a review of your claim contact one of our medical law experts on 0800 633 5730 or fill in our call-back form.

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