botched cosmetic surgery
botched cosmetic surgery

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If you have suffered injury or disfigurement at the hands of a negligent plastic surgeon, Imperium Law can help you claim compensation.

Increases in cosmetic procedures have led to an increase in surgical errors. You can make a cosmetic surgery claim if you have suffered botched surgery.

Negligent cosmetic surgery can cause pain, post-operative complications and disfigurement. While the quality of treatment offered by many surgeons is good, some have made negligent errors during the course of procedures.

Cosmetic surgeons operate on different parts of the body, from breast enlargements to face-lifts. Problems can arise when surgeons carry out multiple procedures when in fact they have only been trained for one. 

Mrs J a 49 year old business woman, received £80,000 in compensation for 'pain, suffering and loss of amenity' after a botched facelift left her with a drooping eye and permanent twitch.

All surgery has an element of risk. Therefore when choosing a plastic surgeon it is vital to carry out extensive research to ensure you choose one who is fully qualified to carry out the procedure you are having.

As well as being fully qualified your surgeon must also provide you with details of all the risks associated with surgery.

If you were not informed of the risks, received negligent treatment or were injured during a surgical procedure you may be entitled to make a claim.

Common surgery complaints and subsequent claims include:

  • Paralysis of the face or skin discolouration after a facelift.
  • Uneven breast size, implant rupture or scarring after breast enlargement.
  • Loss of sensation, uneven nipples or scarring after breast reduction.
  • Damaged gums and broken teeth after a dental procedure.
  • Numbness after liposuction.
  • Blurred vision or blindness after eyelid surgery.
  • Uneven nostrils, nasal deformity or nasal collapse after nose surgery.
  • Not being informed of surgery risks and likely complications.

Imperium Law can help you claim compensation.

We have over 30 years experience successfully winning claims for patients who have suffered negligence during surgery.

If you are not happy with the results of your surgery or were injured during the procedure, contact our caring team of lawyers.

We can review your claim, confirm if you have a case for compensation and advise how large a payout you are likely to receive.

Don't suffer in silence, contact us today to get justice for your botched surgery.

We have an experienced team of specialist solicitors who understand how distressing a bungled cosmetic procedure can be. We are here to get you the compensation you deserve to help you move on with your life.

We work on a 'No Win-No Fee' basis so there is no risk, you only pay a fee if we successfully win your claim.

Call us on free on 0800 633 5730 for no-obligation advice.


successful claims...

“£40,000 in workers compensation for warehouse operative's broken foot"

Thanks to Imperium Law Leicestershire worker receives a five figure compensation payout.

 “£12,500 car accident compensation payout is awarded to an injured motorist."

Imperium Law win yet another personal injury compensation case after a crash involving an HGV and a car.

“£4,000 paid out in personal injury compensation after a night out"

Imperium Law's injury team win a compensation payout for a young woman injured in a bar.

“£4,750 payout for industrial hearing loss awarded to road maintenance worker."

Imperium Law help Mr H win his claim for compensation against a local authority.

£7,500 work injury compensation  paid to a forklift driver.

Imperium win a payout for worker injured in a fall.

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