Lung cancer claims
Lung cancer claims

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Claiming lung cancer compensation.

Imperium Law can help you claim lung cancer compensation if you have developed the disease after exposure to harmful dust or chemicals at work.

Lung cancer can be caused by exposure to certain chemicals and dusts, and if you work with hazardous substances it is your employer's responsibility to protect you from harm. If they have failed to do so, then you are entitled to make a compensation claim.

Are you risk of developing work-related lung cancer?

Exposure to certain substances and chemicals can increase your risk of developing lung cancer, these include:

  • Diesel fumes.
  • Fibres such as asbestos and silica.
  • Chemicals such as vinyl chloride.
  • Solvents such as benzene and toluene.
  • Metals such as aluminium, beryllium, arsenic, chromium, cadmium and nickel.
  • Second-hand smoke.

Those workers who have an increased chance of developing lung cancer include:

  • Asbestos workers.
  • Chemists.
  • Printers.
  • Metal foundry workers.
  • Sandblasters.
  • Uranium miners.
  • Bartenders.

Lung cancer claims.

If you, a friend or a loved one has been exposed to harmful substances whilst at work and have developed lung cancer, you can make a claim if it can be shown your employer was negligent.

How much can I claim?

Compensation awards vary according to the severity of the illness. To discuss your claim in more detail and to find out what kind of payout you could be due, speak to a solicitor at Imperium Law.

How long to I have to claim?

There are strict time limits to making claims. You have three years from when you became aware of your illness and so contact us as soon as symptoms become apparent.

Why choose us to represent you?

  • We have years of experience winning works illness compensation claims.
  • We work on a 'No Win-No Fee' basis and so you only pay our fee if we win your case.
  • We are dedicated to winning the maximum compensation payout possible.

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