Making a lorry or HGV RTA collision claim
Making a lorry or HGV RTA collision claim

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Winning a lorry road accident compensation payout.

A road traffic accident claim can be made if you have been involved in a collision with a HGV and the vehicle driver was to blame.

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Any road traffic accident can be terrifying, but this is much more the case if you have been involved in an accident with a lorry. Due to a lorry’s weight and size, any impact is likely to be more severe and the damage sustained more significant.

Fatal accident compensation

If a close family member was killed in an accident with a lorry and it can be shown the other driver was to blame, then you may be entitled to compensation for their death.

Causes of collisions with HGVs.

  • Tailgating. 

Travelling too close to the rear of a car and colliding with the back when the car driver applies the breaks.

  • Failure to look properly when manoeuvring. 

Attempting a manoeuvre without checking for the presence of other vehicles. Lorries have blind spots which the driver should pay close attention to.

  • Falling asleep at the wheel.

Driving when over tired or after taking over the counter medications which cause drowsiness, can lead to the driver falling asleep and crashing.

  • Use of mobiles.

The illegal use of hand held mobile phones whilst driving can cause lapses in concentration leading to accidents.

  • Vehicle condition.

Failure to maintain a lorry or HGV to a minimum standard, such as not changing worn tyres.

  • Poor vehicle loading.

The poor stacking or loading of a vehicle increases the risk of load shedding into the path of other vehicles.

Making a personal injury claim after a lorry collision.

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