noise-induced deafness
noise-induced deafness

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Noise induced hearing loss - winning a payout.

At Imperium Law we have a specialist hearing loss team with a proven track record of winning compensation for injured workers.

We have the expertise to win you the compensation you deserve for work-related hearing problems such as NIHL, tinnitus and acoustic shock.

Making a successful claim.

We provide free legal advice on a 'No Win-No Fee' basis. We can get you the maximum payout possible.

Our solicitors recently won a Noise Induced Hearing Loss claim against six companies on behalf of a 57 year old Warwickshire man.

Mr B contacted us after medical diagnosis proved that he was suffering from NIHL. He believed that working conditions had caused his hearing problem.

Over the course of 30 years he had worked in noisy environments for several companies in the Coventry and Warwickshire area.

Many of the companies he had previously worked for failed to provide ear defenders, and offered no training on the dangers of working in a noisy environment.

If you are suffering from industrial deafness or work related hearing loss we can help you to make a claim. 

Mr B called us for 'No Win-No Fee' legal advice, he was concerned that several of the companies he had worked for were no longer trading and he wouldn't be able to claim. 

We can help you make a claim even if your employer has stopped trading.

We were able to reassure him that despite the fact his previous employers' had shut down, we could still act on his behalf and make a claim.

We traced his previous employers' historic liability insurers, in some cases we had to go back as far as 3 decades, and we were able to negotiate a £5,000 compensation settlement.

If you have suffered hearing loss, call us to find out if you are entitled a payout.

We have helped many workers who have suffered hearing damage because of their job.

Are you due compensation?

We can help you make a claim if: 

  • you are suffering from industrial deafness / hearing loss as confirmed by a medical report.
  • your condition has been caused by exposure to noise at work.
  • your employer was negligent by not protecting you from the noise.
  • your employer could have foreseen hearing damage could occur.

Find out if you can claim for work-related hearing loss that your employer could have prevented. 

For free initial 'No Win-No Fee' legal advice call a solicitor at Imperium Law on 0800 633 5730.





successful claims...

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“£7,000 work injury payout for bar man injured in a fall."

Imperium Law's compensation team win a five figure fall from height settlement.

£3,800 RTA compensation  paid to an injured motorist.

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“£1,000 clinical negligence compensation for Devon hospital patient"

Imperium Law's negligence team win a payout for a patient left with a gauze pack in her body.

£3,375 public liability payout after a slip on a hospital floor.

Imperium win compensation for a woman who injured her wrist in a fall.

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