Time limits for hearing loss claims
Time limits for hearing loss claims

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How long do you have to make a hearing loss claim?

To make a hearing claim against your employer you have 3 years from the date you became aware of your hearing damage.

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Claim time limits.

As soon as you become aware you have a problem with your hearing seek medical advice.

To clarify, you must begin your hearing claim from the date you noticed a reduction in your ability to hear and NOT from the date the hearing damage occurred.

Hearing loss often happens slowly due to prolonged exposure to excessive noise and so damage tends to be gradual.

At first you may not notice a problem, then gradually you may become aware you need to turn the volume up on your television or require people to speak a bit louder.

Can I make a claim against a firm no longer in business?

It maybe years since you worked for the employer where your hearing was damaged, however we can still make a claim on your behalf even if they have since stopped trading. We can investigate your case and trace your previous employer's insurers.

Hearing loss in telephone engineers.

If you are a BT engineer who has started to notice a decline in hearing or is suffering from tinnitus you may be entitled to a payout.

For years BT engineers were issued with headsets which were not fitted with controls to limit unpredictable feedback. As a result many engineers are now experiencing hearing loss.

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Case example:

If your hearing has been damaged by your job seek legal advice.

One case is that of a technician who started working for BT in the mid 1960s installing telephone wiring in homes.

Over the course of 3 decades BT failed to protect his hearing or warn him of the potential danger to his hearing. Without realising it he was being exposed to harm on a daily basis by noise and feedback through the headsets he was using.

Ten years after retirement he visited his GP after noticing a decline in his ability to hear, it was revealed his hearing had been damaged and he was given NHS hearing aids.

After seeking legal advice he decided to make a claim against BT.

It was proved that BT were at fault and that they had been negligent by failing to protect his hearing.

He was awarded £5,500 in compensation.

Even if your hearing was damaged decades ago you may be still able to make a claim.

This case example illustrates that you may still make a claim even if your hearing damage began several years ago.

We are 'No Win-No Fee' solicitors - you only pay us if we win you compensation.

You are advised to act as soon as you become aware of the problem by calling our specialist hearing loss team led by our senior partner Philip Jackson.

Philip is an expert in hearing claim law and has won compensation for many workers whose employers failed to protect them from harm at work. He and his team are dedicated to winning the maximum compensation award for those individuals whose hearing has been damaged.

To discuss making a claim call us on 0800 633 5730, or alternatively fill in our call back form and we will be in touch at a time that suits you.


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