Tripping in a public place
Tripping in a public place

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Tripping over may sound trivial, but even a minor fall can result in broken bones. If you have tripped in a public place and were injured, you may be entitled to claim compensation if there was negligence involved.

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Tripping on a public walkway

The Highways Act 1980 states local authorities are required to keep roads and walkways safe.

Pavements should be checked regularly to ensure that they are kept safe and free from obstructions. All defects such as uneven paving stones which could cause an injury should be repaired.

While at present there is no strict legal definition of a dangerous pavement, the legal cases so far lost or won have led to a wide acceptance of a paving stone protruding more than 2.5cm (an inch) being considered 'dangerous'.

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Successful compensation claims.

In order to claim compensation it will be necessary to show that the local authority concerned failed to repair the defect.

To prove your claim the following steps will need to be followed:

  1. Evidence – you will need to record the defect as quickly and as accurately as possible by taking photos and measurements.
  2. Take down the details of any witnesses who saw what happened, their evidence can be called on at a later date.
  3. Make an official complaint to the local authority to establish a record of the incident.
  4. Seek medical advice for your injury, this acts as a record of your injury to maximise your chances of claims success.
  5. Use the freedom of information act to request details of how often the road is inspected and repaired. If it can be shown the authority failed to regularly inspect the road or pavement, or were aware of the defect it will be easier to establish negligence.

Why choose us to represent you?

  • We can help you compile the evidence needed to win your claim.
  • We are here to guide you through every step of the claims process.
  • We have years of experience and expertise in this area of law.
  • We have a successful track record winning injury compensation payouts.
  • We are 'No Win-No Fee' solicitors - you only pay our costs if we win you compensation.

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