Trips, Slips & Falls
Trips, Slips & Falls

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Slips, trips and falls compensation claims.

Imperium Law have over 30 years experience pursuing accident claims where our clients tripped, slipped or fell. 

To make a successful claim for compensation after you have been injured by a slip, trip or fall then we need to be able to prove someone else was at fault. 

Here are a few scenarios where we can usually make a claim;

  • you tripped on a broken or unusually uneven surface.
  • you slipped on a floor because of a spilt liquid or a wet surface.
  • you tripped on a cracked or broken pavement.
  • you fell over an obstacle which should not have been there.
  • you tripped because of poor lighting.
  • you fell in a hole that was not cordoned off.
  • you slipped on ice in an area that should have been cleared.

With most of the above slips, trips and falls the success of the claim often depends on where you had your accident. 

Most successful accident claims happen whilst;

  • in a shop – example; at the supermarket.
  • in a business premises – example; in a car show room
  • whilst at work – example; on a building site.
  • in a public place – example; walking down the high street.

What can I do to help my slip, trip or fall claim case?

In many slip / trip cases photographic evidence can be crucial. If you can you should take photographs that show the area in which you fell. If possible and where appropriate put something in the photograph that shows the size of the defect or obstacle that caused the accident.  For example use a 50p piece, or a ruler.

We would also recommend that you report your injury to a member of staff where possible.  Clearly you should seek medical advice where the injury is serious.  If the injury from your fall is less serious then take pictures of any cuts and bruises you have suffered.

Why choose us to help you make your slip, trip or fall claim?

  1. We are a No Win No Fee solicitor - you don't pay any costs if you lose.
  2. We will always pay you the maximum compensation available.
  3. We have over 30 years knowledge and experience in claims related to slips, trips and falls.
  4. Our experience means we know how to win claims compensation where others might fail.

Call us now free on 0800 633 5730 to see if you have a valid claim for your slip,  trip or  fall.

successful claims...

“£40,000 in workers compensation for warehouse operative's broken foot"

Thanks to Imperium Law Leicestershire worker receives a five figure compensation payout.

“£8,750 in compensation paid to an employee injured at work."

Imperium win a 4 figure settlement for a worker injured falling off a ladder.

“£7,000 public liability compensation  for pedestrian injured slipping on an icy pavement."

Imperium win partially sighted pedestrian's compensation claim.

“£7,000 work injury payout for bar man injured in a fall."

Imperium Law's compensation team win a five figure fall from height settlement.

£7,500 work injury compensation  paid to a forklift driver.

Imperium win a payout for worker injured in a fall.

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